Swedish Brewing Co

The Swedish Brewing Company is a brand new beer studio mainly based in Sthlm, Sweden. It started out late 2015 and has since then opened a show room/bar in central Stockholm and has given birth to 15 different beers. I’m not only the designer for the brand but also co-owner.

The idea is that Swedish Brewing doesn’t have any history in beer making. No family of brewers that go centuries back. So there’s no reason to make the brand look like all the other beer brands. It does in fact not need to look like a beer at all. The customers are not nerds that focus too much about what hops or IBU, rather regular party people that want something different and creative. We choose bright colors, thoughtful names and a lot of details. We want every bottle tell it’s own story. We want the customer to spend time with the bottle. To care for the design and maybe even save the bottle when its empty. As an example our Game Over IPA was made the same night Donald Trump was elected president. We felt that was the end of the world. In total disbelif we designed a video game themed label with statements such as “Continue: 0”, “The End”, icons for low health and even a turd under a rainbow.

I always start with the basics. Pen and paper in a moleskine until Im satisfied. Most of the stuff is then drawn on a Wacom Cintiq with a digital pen in a drawing program called Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio in Asia). After that it’s been vectorised in illustrator. Most of the lettering is hand made too.

The project have been very well recieved with acknowledgement from Wacom and Behance Graphic Design. The beer has been soled out several times and more batches been made. The future look bright for the brand with lots of upcoming projects and we’ve learned a lot in the process. There is very strict rules on alcholic beverages in Sweden so I constantly had to change details in the design to be allowed to actually sell the beers. For instance, in Sweden you are not allowed to display any type of sports, cars, violence, fun activities and such on the bottle. It was quite tricky to adjust everything to finally get government acceptance.

Keep a look out for Swedish Brewing Company. We have a lot of interesting stuff coming out in the near future and we might soon even export beers to your country!

Mattias Lundin

Mattias Lundin / Ink Graphix

INK Graphix, my creative studio based in Gothenburg Sweden, was established as a company in 1996. Since then I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make countless records covers, logos, illustrations, branding and packaging for clients such as Nike, Adidas, The Washington Post, Sony, Universal, Warner, EMI, Ica, Arla and in-numerous other brands, artists and labels.

In 2002 I was nominated for the Swedish Nöjesguiden Award: Best Graphic Design. In 2015 I was awarded “The Award of Excellence” from the Society for News Design Annual for my editorial illustration for The Washington Post. My work has been published internationally in numerous magazines and books like Dos Logos, Tres Logos, Los Logos 4, Around European Logos, Logo Lounge, Around European Publisher and several graphic design magazines like: IdN, Fused Magazine and CAP & Design.