Sweet overdose

“Sweet overdose” is an editorial about a girl who eats too many sweets.
The story reveals a concept of visual rhythm. Sweet overdose is made in a very colourful and funny cartoon style.

Photography by Ilya Blinov www.ilyablinov.com
Style by Anna Panaiotidi www.annapstyle.com
Location www.limeroom.ru
Moscow, Russia
November 2015

A idea was to show rhythm. We have got an insight when dropped popcorn on the floor. Keeping in mind Blumarine summer collection with flowers pattern on it we saw recently, we decided to create an editorial with small objects like popcorn, candies and ice cream cones. To add fun moment and to make shooting more fashionable we decided to use swoon concept in posing. That is how the idea of shooting was born.

All pieces were put on set manually. We used bright pink paper background to get a cartoon effect. And then it was a long way of setting candies, popcorn etc. to get the rythm in the pictures. In post production in Adobe photoshop were used layers of adjustment masks.

People liked the project. They said it looks very colourful, amusing, nice and fashionable. The rythm is shown well. This is the result we were trying to achieve. We are glad to recieve such a feedback! Such feedbacks motivate to work on and create more projects.

Ilya Blinov