These aren’t your ordinary chocolate bars. This concept takes a variety of chocolates and infuses them with THC, giving cannabis lovers endless options. SweetStash comes in varieties like white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and mint chocolate, with the choice for indica, sativa, or a hybrid.

I wanted to design something current and in the media and something I believed in.

Each type has its own bright color, but all of the bars have gold foil text to elevate the brand and place it as a more sophisticated cannabis option. The strain is written in a handwritten font, emphasizing the unique blend that each one has. After the outer wrapper is peeled away, we see a shining gold foil protecting the chocolate, making it a luxurious experience.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator was used to create the design and brand of SweetStash. The brand was imagined upon the idea of creating something edgy, something current and something that I believed in. I created the typography and layout and the design in Adobe Illustrator and then used Adobe Photoshop to create the mockups of the packaging design.

So far I’ve had nothing but love from this project and has boosted my clientele. I learned to not be afraid to speak out and be different about something you believe in because good things will come from being your true authentic self.

Please stay true to yourself and what you believe in and if you can dream it you can do it!


Sarah is a talented art director, graphic designer and entrepreneur. She comes alive working with truly awesome brands and companies who bring vibrant cultures, big ideas, and positive energy into the world.

Sarah is a creative problem solver, who carefully fuses design aesthetic with marketing ideas, resulting in perfectly formulated design solutions with a consumer first approach. Sarah aim’s to work with clients who value bold design and those who see design as an integral part of their company.

Sarah encourages and challenges new and existing clients to push the envelope of what is expected, and go beyond their imagined plan and scope of ideas and opportunities to stand out and strive for something different and a better solution to a design problem.