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Swimming pool with animals - Corner of the world-5

Swimming pool with animals - Corner of the world-5

LIN Mo-Fan
June 9, 2022
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If there were only animals in the pool, it would look like this, right?
A city is a living environment designed for human needs, without taking animals into consideration. Humans keep pets, but they don't actually understand the thoughts of animals. Only a small number of people are willing to listen. From the perspective of life, animals are not pets. They are another life in your life. But speaking of it, it's hard for people to hear each other's voices, let alone animals?
So I wonder if there were only animals in the city today, maybe everything would be very different.

I want to find a suitable agent for me, so I need more kinds of elements in my work, but I don't want to give up drawing cute animals, so I want animals to live in the city more anthropomorphically. I have painted similar themes before, but in a completely different style, and now I want to express my ideas in a more witty and childish way.
In addition to referring to the color matching of the swimming pool, the color matching also hopes to take the child's point of view as a consideration, and try to be as colorful and not chaotic as possible.
I used Adobe Fresco to draw this work, I want to have the texture of brushstrokes to make the picture more alive.

At the beginning, the composition was to look towards the swimming pool from a top-down perspective, but I found that it could not create a richness of the picture, nor could it give full play to the cute shape of the animals, so I changed the composition method and used a more flat painting to do it. Express this swimming pool with only animals

In fact, the coloring after composing the picture has trapped me for a long time, and I have not been able to find a suitable way to express it. Later, a friend also gave good advice. I tried to add more brushstrokes to this series of works, and also changed the performance of the relatively blank space, so that this series of works could be completed smoothly.

I will extend this picture to be used as a wallpaper, you are welcome to download it from the link below:

LIN Mo-Fan

My name is Mofan. I’m from Taiwan. I’m engaged in design work. And I want to find illustration cases. I always draw illustrations by computer. Since Taiwan is easy to exposure to different cultures of various countries, painting style of mine is influenced by both Oriental and Occidental countries. It is difficult to have a repetitive style no matter where I am. Besides, I like printing very much, and I often print promotional materials by myself, so I am very good at express my works in printing. If there are any needs, please feel free to contact me. wish new projects and cooperation.

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