Share music with people around you. Combine in one product the two listening mode of music: headphone and speaker. Create a user friendly product with a suitable style for each person.
Let the music as a soundtrack to your life thanks to this product, making it an indispensable product.

The idea was born in 2013, a period in which spreading various online platforms for listening to music, Spotify and Deezer to name a few, dematerializing the concept of music, eliminating the storage space on a device.
For several years, the smartphone replaced and blended inside different functions that effectively eliminated the need to have another product, mp3 player, increasing the portability of the music. In this context born the project Switch, a product that tries to summarize, as it has been for the smartphone, the ability to listen to music as a simple headset, and to share what you’re listening to with others around you in a simple and intuitive way, as press a button.

The project is being developed analyzing the electronic components necessary to understand the size of the product and what type of headphones refers. Switch in fact is made only by a headphone speaker, another small speaker for listening case and a small amplifier placed between the two speakers that is activated when we decide to change the listening mode by pressing a button. Subsequently it was decided to use a style that would be appropriate for both moments of use without showing the arrangement of the product which is not a headset or a bluetooth speaker.

I am convinced that music is an integral part of community life and affects positively on our emotional state, so much that consider Switch a wearable accessory that a tool for audiophiles. For this reason its multifunctionality give Switch a product suitable for all people at all times of the day.

Switch is a project that search collaborators who believe in its potential and want to make it a product on the ears of all.

Corrado de Pinto

He studied Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Bari and then to ISIA of Florence specializing in Product Design.
He had been different work experiences among which at Clausell Studio, a product design studio, to Almassora in Spain.
He doesn’t work for the product aesthetics only, but he try to come up with innovative, useful and user-friendly ideas always; considering if the product have a exist sense and then he designs the macro-system around it: object and company personality, scenery, target, sales systems, marketing strategies.
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