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Symbolism - Helmets by Ion Lucin

Symbolism - Helmets by Ion Lucin

Marianne Piano
September 23, 2015

Our feature for today is an artwork by a minimalist designer. His inspiration is the symbolic value of popular helmets from movies and video games. Who doesn't recognize Scout Trooper from Star Wars, Iron Man and Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy? Sit back and let these helmets take you down movie memory lane!


The idea was to explore the symbolic value of such popular shapes like helmets from movies and video games, and then, thanks to that big symbolic shape value, create illustration that with very little, express a lot, express the minimal but still be recognizable, less but better.

-Ion Lucin






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I am a designer, but I am also an artist, I studied Fine Arts, I think that's why I just like doing projects just for the pleasure of doing it. Also, many times is just an exploration, trying new creative field, mixing them up, to see what I can achieve, how further I can go. In this case, it's an exploration of Graphic Design, Illustration, 3D modeling and Rendering.

-Ion Lucin

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I like exploring the symbolic value of objects, because its so potent that I can achieve these very minimal design, and it's still recognizable, so the theme for this project was chosen, Helmets. A lot of fun to 3D model because of the complexity they have, and beautiful when rendered.

- Ion Lucin

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The project took 3 months to complete, because it's much more complex than it looks. As all of my projects, even if it doesn't appear so, they are all made in 3D. So the first phase of the project, was to actually 3D model the helmets. As a designer, I build my own assets, I 3D model all of my objects, I have my own typeface, I do my own motion, I do my own renders. After all the models are complete, I render them in a very specific and original render method I developed, to achieve that minimalistic look, flat feel, graphical aspect, just the way I like it.

-Ion Lucin


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As in all of my projects, they are all done in 3D, and I use Cinema 4D.

-Ion Lucin


Ion is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 3D Modeler and Renderer from Madrid, Spain. A rational who loves minimal design. "Less but better. Simple, yet complicated."

See more of his artworks in Behance and Vimeo.

3 comments on “Symbolism - Helmets by Ion Lucin”

  1. This is one of the most amazing studies I've ever seen Ever single one of these is worthy of being a framed piece in my office. Wonderful work!!

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