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Liad bang
December 23, 2019
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T·linx 是中国的一家大型俱乐部(派对酒吧),酒吧主题是实验室(博士,化学,药剂,朋克)这张海报是用于推广品牌形象的,里面融入了品牌首字母“T”以及一些主题元素,整体感觉像一个大型的实验室,一群博士正在调试着巨型药剂瓶里面的蓝色液体,然后所有蓝色液体通过管道,发动机,压力表...等设备,进入一个T形的容器,最后进入中间的容器,整个海报就是一个故事,讲述着T·Linx的由来!
T.linx is a large club in China (party bar). The theme of the bar is laboratory (doctor, chemistry, pharmacy, punk). This poster is used to promote the brand image. The theme element, the whole feels like a large laboratory, a group of doctors are debugging the blue liquid in the giant pharmacy bottle, and then all the blue liquid passes through the pipeline, engine, pressure gauge ... and other equipment into a T-shaped container , And finally entered the middle container, the entire poster is a story, telling the origin of T · Linx!

The inspiration for this poster was by chance when I was watching a movie again, so I boldly applied him to the poster design. The poster color is mainly composed of yellow and blue, which is also the theme color of T · Linx!

首先用铅笔绘制出基本的构图,然后用钢笔画出确定的版本,等确定的构图通过之后用Adobe Illustrator CC 2019绘制出矢量图,再通过三维软件建模渲染,最后运用Adobe photoshop CC 2019 处理效果!
First draw a basic composition with a pencil, then draw a certain version with a pen. After the determined composition passes, draw a vector with Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, then model and render with 3D software, and finally use Adobe photoshop CC 2019 to process the effect. !!

Many people like this project. Through this project, I also know a lot of design enthusiasts and designers. Among them, there are many excellent designers. We are communicating with each other, so that our next project will have more sources of inspiration. Spend more time doing what you like, and this is the fun of design!

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