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The Tacarigua Salon

The Tacarigua Salon

Jose Sira
June 5, 2018
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The Tacarigua Salon is a terrace for recreational use part of The Nationality System, urban development that includes The Military Circle, Los Próceres and The Military Academy, architecture conceived in the decade of the 1950s by the architect Luis Malussena in the city of Caracas.

The initial idea was to digitally recreate the originality of the building that currently is in poor conditions and try to make some images to show the distinctived contructives details of it, like the sinuoused stair bording the curved stone wall, the ornamented metallic fences, the light terrazo floors, the yellow sculpture and besides all those finishes, one of the main throwbacks, was to show the amazing feeling of being sorrounded by nature.

The first phase consisted of visiting The Military Circle and photographing each space in the room, then investigate about the work of the architect Luis Malaussena and compare the photos of the 1950s with the current state of the building, and so, start with 3d modeling in rhino and finally generate a series of images that reflect the original architecture.

I learned that the Venezuelan architecture of the 1950s is the richest in development for the lifestyle in the tropical climate. Communication with vegetation and natural light is a constant that allows to develop open spaces to contemplate the landscape. Finally, the selection of materials and their execution, where they are displayed as they are, without the need for coatings make this architectural style honest with itself and its surroundings.

Jose Sira

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One comment on “The Tacarigua Salon”

  1. Buen día requiero detalles acerca del alquiler de este salón para la celebración de unos 15 años a finales de agosto de 2023. Agradezco su atención.

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