Without a doubt, our vision of the ordinary and how we interpret and interact with our environments - and all elements of our lives - will change. Every day, familiar objects will be reinvented into something brand-new, adaptive, intercommunicate, alive and variable. In other words, the design of the future is changeable and super intelligent.

The main aim of my Internship at Peugeot Design was to find a revolutionary approach to the interaction between the user and the futuristic vehicle. Which unique features and changes can we see in the vehicle of tomorrow?

Following initial research into the concept of «After Tomorrow», solutions were developed involving the manipulation of the architecture of conceptual vehicles, which included the INTERIOR / EXTERIOR merging.

The main feature of this concept is directly visible changes in the shaping and transformation of volumes during user interaction with the vehicle. We can see how the reshaping of the interior influences on the exterior form and vice-versa.