The Forest

The Forest is a children's picture book about a lonely man who adopted a seedling tree and ended up accidentally planting a forest. This is my personal project inspired by Margaret Mahy's The good wizard of forest.


Cloud Field

This is a 16-page children's book project that emphasizes the importance of dreaming, self-confidence and acting together. The story belongs to the Turkish writer Sevde Gözükara and is published by Luna Publishing House. The text takes shape in a creative world of a boy named Bulut and his friends who live in a small village. While reading, we accompany the characters' big dreams and determination in their small world.


The Stories of Cvirinko

This is a series of stories about a small but very brave chicken by name Cvirinko that lives in a duck family. He courageously explores the world and even goes on a balloon trip! The text raises important questions of finding oneself, social issues and questions of morality.


El Hechizo del Valle Kuarz

A fairy tale book for children, intended for kids aged from 9-11. Published in MC Editores, México 2017.
"Once upon a time, in a distant part of the world, there was a magnificent place surrounded by mountains and emerald grass... at the highest mountain of Kuarz Valley, the Great Book of Peace kept the most marvelous thoughts and emotions created by poets... but something would happen very soon..."


The Invention Day

The Invention Day is a children's book about Little Fox’s using her limitless imagination to build the most incredible invention. On her journey to discover what she wants to create for herself, she discovers she can use her creativity to help others.


The Megalopolis Children Book by Cléa Dieudonné

La Mégalopole is the first book by Cléa Dieudonné published in France by L'Agrume in April 2015. It is a vertical story which has to be unfolded on more than 3m to get to the end. The reader follow the steps of an outer-space tourist in his journey through all the areas of the vast city. Through his eyes we discover many inhabitants and surprises.

Illustrations 2015 by Eda Kaban

Illustrations 2015 is an on going project by Eda Kaban which includes various projects such as children's books, editorial, advertising and even a mural design. There will be more under this project by the end of the year. Read on and enjoy! (more…)

The Wilder Things by Angela Rizza

How do you define a wild design? Is it something scary or something imaginary? However, let me give you a quick view on how wild things go wilder with today's design created by Angela Rizza, a freelance illustrator from New York. Enjoy and have fun! (more…)