The purpose of the mobility has changed. When we think of the old ways of moving, we used it a lot simply for moving. But these days people also use mobility in parks and leisure areas in addition to moving. This phenomenon shows that people don't just want to moving through mobility, they want to find a new value of leisure. So I propose a new mobility service specialized in leisure.


Top Gauge

Top Gauge, a redesign of the commonly used Tire Pressure Gauge. A visually elegant, yet functional, pressure reading tool that thrives on simplicity. It's refreshingly ergonomic form brings comfort into a space it belongs no where near. It addresses all the major problems of past pressure readers while incorporating new added features that current solutions have yet to catch on to.


Food Corporate Identity by Milda Čepulkauskaitė

Today's feature is about a Lithuanian food delivery company called "Food Out". This project includes several items such as basics: business cards, invoice, fun T-Shirt design and the printable version of 100 restaurants menu that will be distributed all over the town. Read on and enjoy! (more…)