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Taho'e Flats

Taho'e Flats

Douglas Silva
November 18, 2021
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Between the Atlantic Forest and the beach lives your happiness.

We are a hosting service located in Barra Grande, Bahia. Our flats are taking over a strip of Atlantic Forest with nearby beaches, bringing the experience that gets the tranquility of the country house with the adventurous spirit of the beaches. All this with the comfort you would have at home, such as a full kitchen, laundry area, living room with cable TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, air-conditioned bedroom, closet and much more. Our goal is to promote good feelings and sensations through contact with nature, at the same time in an environment of home and familiar comfort and we create this environment in all aspects, each guest is welcomed with our joy, as a member of our large family , a Taho'e Family.

The symbol represents a coconut tree seen from above. Each of the sheets is a child, and one of them represents the parents (all together).

The coconut leaf also represents the Atlantic Forest. The colors represent nature (green) and sunset (gold).

The typography was all designed for the project. The edges were based on rustic wooden canoes. The pattern is a reference to local beaches.

I used a Huion Inspiroy H430P Table to facilitate drawing in Illustrator, the photographs were edited with Photoshop and for the assembly of a brandbook and other layout items I used InDesign.

People love this project: the colors, shapes, have been highly praised, including by other professionals.

Douglas Silva

My name's Douglas Silva, I'm 33 years old. I love design and music!

I am a brand designer, graduated in Marketing and a graduate student in Organizational Communication.

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