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Taking Root

Taking Root

Ashley Neufeld
April 29, 2019
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My project Taking Root addresses the problem of food deserts in Kansas City. Food deserts effect a higher percentage of people of minorities, the elderly, women and children. I am purposing that urban farming can be one solution to this problem. Urban farming can empower people to take charge of their personal health when they live in a system that fails them. I designed a simplified guide on how to begin urban farming in Kansas City. Specifically, for low income people who live in food deserts. The guide takes two forms: a printed pamphlet and an in depth app.

The demographics of people who have additional barriers to urban farming also match food inaccessibility demographics in Kansas City. Not only do these people have less time, space, and income to take control over the source of their food, they additionally live in areas termed as “food deserts.” This problem drove me to create a design solution. To educate people in the basics of urban farming in an accessible, universal way. In order to give people living in food deserts control over their personal health and well being through simplified education of how to begin an urban farm.

I began with distilling the process of how to start an urban farm, in any capacity, in the KC area through an app. I included a Spanish option for the app to aid the target demographic. Once the app was created I condensed the information into a printed pamphlet for people that have no access to technology, such as the elderly. I used resources from Kansas City organizations to keep the solution local and accessible. Resources generated from Cultivate KC and Kansas City Community Gardens.

People are interested in urban farming and how to begin. The process of urban farming can feel daunting and overwhelming at first, yet with a distilled app or pamphlet, people are better able to take steps in growing their own food. The biggest takeaway I learned was how to distill information and design with accessibility as my top priority.

Ashley Neufeld

Hello! I am a recent graphic design graduate from Kansas State University. I am pursuing a freelance and agency design career in the colorful state of Denver, Colorado. In design, I strive to create work that is environmentally conscious, purposeful, and clever. When I’m not designing, you may find me amongst the pine trees, reading poetry or baking chocolate chip cookies.

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