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Yolanda Sabuz Vidal
February 19, 2018
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The objective of this project was the creation of a packaging for some food which will give you superpowers for 20 minutes. Who would want not to be speechless in stressful situations such as giving a talk in front of many people? Or escape gracefully from complicated situations like when someone wants to offer you a new credit card?
With that purpose in mind, we created Talks, a new candy which will help you to be fearless, brave, quick, and motivate you to talk in all kinds of difficult situations where you end up blocked with no way out.

The graphic design was inspired by the comic books because the idea was to tell a story. The idea is to help the user choose the proper candy, which he/she can overcome different situations, like speak in public, win an argument with your mom or have dirty talks in the intimacy.

First step was create the stories. For that we make sketches, by hand. We create a small comic, trying to simplify the ideas and make them understandable for the user. After that we vectorize them with Illustrator and also create the pattern for the candies packaging. At the end, we finish with Photoshop all the proposals and presentation

My classmates and teacher were really impressed with the project. For them, the illustrations were fantastic for the packaging. For me, I improve the way of make things more simple, trying to explain a long story in just a little frame

Yolanda Sabuz Vidal

Explorer, traveller and food lover
Industrial Designer and 3D Modeller based in Barcelona
Actually working as IcemSurf modeller for Italdesign Giugiaro Barcelona and I just finished a master in Packaging Design at Elisava

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