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Targus for Mac by Joey Zeledón

Targus for Mac by Joey Zeledón

Honey Adraque
March 9, 2015
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A USB hub is a device that widens a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into a few in order to have extra ports available in connecting devices to a host system. However, most of these hubs on market came with a separate cable that might lead to whether losing or getting mixed up with the other cables from other devices. An opportunity knocks on the door of  this award winning technology designer, Joey Zeledón, wherein he made a clean and compact design of a cable with a twist of having a protection on USB ports during transport . Read on to see his awesome design!

The Targus for Mac project was completed while I was working for Continuum in Boston. Targus asked us to redesign their line of computer peripherals. I led the design of the USB hub and ultimately found that, at the time, most hubs on the market came with a separate cable that most people either lose or get mixed up with the rest of their cables from their other devices. So the opportunity was to design a custom cable that integrated into the device. In the end, we created a tidy, compact design that features a flat cable which has a secondary benefit of protecting the USB ports while in transit.

- Joey Zeledón

hub_inuse Targus_USB hub_open USB Hub Markups 012

About Joey Zeledón

joey_Zeledón_centeredJoey Zeledón is an award winning designer that loves to humanize technology, simplify complexity and create experiences that delight the soul. He is currently a Senior Industrial Designer at Smart Design in NYC where his primary role is to lead projects through design vision and ultimately create meaningful product experiences for people.

He is the co-founder of Smart Design's Food Lab, an internal initiative with a focus on understanding and creating meaningful food experiences. You can find more of Joey's works on his Behance profile or website.

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