Jianshan —— Cinnamon
Jianshui —— Narcissus
Mountains and Water —— Tea

From mountain and water, designed for a high-end tea (Wuyi Mountain Cinnamon and Narcissus) packaging.

The appraisal and appreciation of cultural relics and works of art.

In a wooden box, meet the landscape, feel the mountains overlap mountains, water overlap water;
In a tea, identify the Thirty-six peaks and Jiuqu creek, taste Wuyi tea.

Black walnut, copper, special paper material and laser carving, concave and convex, bronzing technology combined to give valuable and original feeling. The color of black walnut and rock tea is similar, to show the vintage of tea tree and tea roasting process. The package is based on the cover of heaven and earth, and the pattern of wood looks like mountains and water, combining with the opening way of mountains and water, so as to identify the quality of narcissus tea is the most mellow, cinnamon tea is the most fragrant,the two Wuyi Wulong rock tea’s quality sense.

In a wooden box, meet the landscape, feel the mountains overlap mountains, water overlap water;
In a tea, identify the Wuyi mountain “three pits” and “two streams” rock bone flowers aroma.

Adobe Illustrator、Sketch Up.

Study the tea from various aspects, such as the growing area and cultural background, and then extract the elements of mountains and water from the tea itself.

Narcissus tea is the most mellow, cinnamon tea is the most fragrant.
Tea flavor is powerful, a hit that is in, taste mellow smooth, with rich sense of hierarchy.
When the mouth, tea in the mouth spin;
Swallow, the mouth is closed, breathe a few, tea gas rush;
In the mouth, not only incense, but also taste.

The audience feels that this packaging not only highlights the high-end temperament of this tea, but also gives the original ecological feeling. Tea and packing one integrated mass. And when tea is used up, empty boxes can be put there as decorations, environmental protection and beautiful.

The thirty-sixth peak with a thousand folds competing with each other, the nine-song stream winding and graceful, a few eternal spirit buds, the tenacious leaf with a fragrance and mellow fragrance for centuries, making and drinking tea from the clear spring water, reborn in the cup pot, the spirit ground turns into the abundance of mountains and the amorous feelings of water.

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