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Tequileros Gaudí

Tequileros Gaudí

May 5, 2017
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The aesthetic of the tequileros Gaudí is the result of the reinterpretation of the architectural work of Antoni Gaudí. The transformation of simple geometric figures along a cylindrical shape leads us to the design of some of the most emblematic works of the Catalan architect. These forms are complemented by the texture and color of red clay.

The idea for this collection of 'tequileros' was born after visiting an exhibition of the Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. This exhibition presented a series of virtual and 3D printed models with the intention of explaining the creative processes of the architect. Interesting that there is a need to use sophisticated technologies to explain designs created more than a hundred years ago.

After workshopping the first ideas with sketches, we then developed the models digitally. These models served to refine the aesthetics of the product and to create the first prototypes. When defining the final design, the three models to make the molds were printed in 3D. With the molds ready, the last tests were to define the final finishes.

The project has had a good response, the Gaudí tequileros are very attractive visually and have been well received by our customers. It has been interesting to see the response of people to a product that mixes technological processes like 3D printing with traditional materials such as clay.


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