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Arwa Ramadan
May 9, 2023
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Terracotta is a pottery studio based in Riyadh-KSA, founded by artist Ghada Al Malki, creating pottery pieces inspired by the desert, the sea, the palm trees, and the people that came before us, to tell stories as old as history itself.

Pottery is linked to nature, from the clay made of mud and water, to the hands that's shaping it. So I chose earthy tones, and used graphics found in ancient ruins as my graphic elements.

I used my sketchbook too come up with concepts and ideas, once I had a rough visual for the logo, I switched to Adobe Illustrator. and for some of the mockups, I used Photoshop.

People love seeing culture taking center stage and being celebrated. This is what Terracotta is all about, and people related to that.

Arwa Ramadan

Creative designer based in Istanbul, specializing in branding, publications, and illustrations.

Graduated with a BS in Visual Communication from AUS (Class of 2012).

Worked with several local and international design studios in Dubai and Istanbul.

The work is based on extensive research, and Inspired by history, art, and pop culture.

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