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Textbook Cover: Time Traval & Bee Math Lab

Textbook Cover: Time Traval & Bee Math Lab

December 16, 2021
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Elementary school is a place where imagination grows and thrives. We were gratefully invited by NAN I Book Enterprise CO.,LTD. to design the elementary textbook covers of math and social studies. The design concepts of two textbooks are “Time traval in our land” and “Bee geo-lab”.

We actually got inspired by the words and concepts from our clients, which recalls some of the intimate memories in our childhood. This really helped us to create something warm and less commercial in this case. A rare and precious experience for us.

The initial draft was sketched on Photoshop. Then, we use Adobe illustrator for more color details and textures. Also, gradient skills and brushes are applied in the illustrations to create a light and shadow atmosphere, which was a bit of a challenge in CMYK color mode.

Our clients had a positive response on the final works. Throughout this project, we’ve learned a lot about time management and printing techniques. Without these two, we aren’t able to dig into the concept and find a different and effective form of art expression.


Hi, we are a Taiwan based studio who are specialized in creating vector artworks. We liscenese our artworks on various platforms, such as Shutterstock and Adobe stock. With 4 years of experience in different kinds of art styles, we are able to do:

Illustrations for web and printing products
3d realistic product mockups

Contact Email: [email protected]

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