the adaptable container

the competition’s goal was to concieve and design a chalet for two with just one single container. the main idea was to make 3 out of 6 container’s wall mobile and adaptable to whatsoever the environement around it and depending on climate change. a minimal design with interior adaptive furniture depending on the user’s needs and activities in order to gain more space and comfort.

When I first saw the container; how it is easily transferred, assembled and modified, I thought of the symbolism of this 6 wall space that can be placed literally anywhere regardless of the weather and its surroundings
A white container on the outside with three mobile walls sliding, creating a small terrace, zenithal light and natural aeration. On the inside, the contrast between the oak and black shelves and kitchen set makes the space even more comfortable and inviting.

By exporting the 3D model of the container given to me, I started the first sketches on revit to design the interior space. With plaster interior walls and isolation wall in the inside of the metal walls of the container, the plan started to be clearer and more functional. With vray and sketchup I rendered the 3D model, added texture and color. Finished up with photoshoping the surroundings of the adaptable container and adding the human figures to scale the container.

The idea of change and mobile homes is new and people still have mixed feelings about the whole concept of moving in and out of their home. So inhabiting the inhabitable, finding stability in mobility and turning a space with metal walls into a home.
The adaptability of it made people interested and curious, the fact that their potential home can fit into any environment and resist to any changing weather, made them wanting to fathom the thought of living in mobile home made out of containers.

Architecture is basically a container of something. i hope they will enjoy not so much he teacup, but the Tea.
-Yoshio Taniguchi-

ons msilini

I am a person who puts extra attention to details and project beauty. I am eager at carrying out a wide variety of design and development projects and can readily conceptualize new ideas as needed. My studies in architecture together with my humble experience, have taught me important things; creative imagination and effective implementation.