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The Adventure Nomads - Image Presentation

The Adventure Nomads - Image Presentation

Leonardo Domingos
July 25, 2017
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Every place we go there's a story to be created, #theadventurenomads catch's that and shows it in a way where the creation of feelings joins the experience of the nomad itself. In this 30 second series, it will be a primary focus in; explorers, athletes, photographers and inspirational dreamers.

The idea comes from me having some camping and outdoor content and wanted to show that in a different way. After editing some pretty quickly come to my mind that could actually work. The concept behind the logo was made possible by trying to incorporate a more ''wild'' and natural font to it.

Inicially had the idea of a concept but the hardest thing was by far choosing a name for it, im not only going to show outdoor content but an overall of my travels around portugal. After i got the name the rest went smooth, wanted something that would push the idea of imagination and creativy and connection with a feeling of adventure. After playing with some fonts and doing some changes to it the final result was there. Was all made with Adobe Photoshop and using my latest photos,

After sharing it on social media, people's reaction went surprisingly good, I never saw myself doing this type of graphic design, the concept was picked around facebook, twitter and so on. That kind of created in my mind a sense that I maybe have another skill than photography will do more of those in the near future.

Leonardo Domingos

Establish self-taught professional photographer and filmmaker from Portugal

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