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The Analogy of Sunset

The Analogy of Sunset

Karanja Njiiri
April 19, 2021

The analogy of Sunset is a collection of images taken during sunset in Serengeti and Masai Mara. This is a story of the amazing sunsets and the wildlife silhouettes during sunset.

Wildlife and Nature Photography can be quite challenging. Rarely do you have the elements working towards that great image. Sometimes the subject is not well positioned, lights is not at its best, and many other factors making wildlife photography a difficult. Searching all over the plains and finally getting to see a Lion and try to position yourself against the sun, while hoping the Lion will at some point sit up for the perfect portrait are some of the encounters that keep me going back to the wild and shoot wildlife. Its exiting and we are always at the mercy of the elements.

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We share wildlife photos to showcase the beauty of Africa and also to enlighten the world on conservation of the few remaining natural reserves for future generations.

Karanja Njiiri

Am a wildlife Photographer and a safari planner and guide in Kenya and Tanzania. I have the privileged of mostly being out on the wild on safari exploring nature and taking photos of random and interesting things as i travel. I have traveled Africa but most intensively been exploring Kenya and Tanzania and the wildlife. Of my most favorite places in East Africa is the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. For reason you get to easily experience abundant sightings of the Big Cats couple with the open plains landscape.
Most of my images are taken around this locations. Africa is beautiful and i invite you to come explore this vast and beautiful piece of earth, An image at a time. Thank you.

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