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The Apartment in the Scandinavian Style

The Apartment in the Scandinavian Style

Andrey Mazyrov
April 25, 2017
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Design and visualization of a small but cozy one-room apartment in Smolensk. A laconic, simple and simultaneously attractive interior is an excellent example of Scandinavian style for a provincial town. The project was developed by the creative group LOFT-House Smolensk, in which I worked.

During the work on this project, all the customer's wishes were taken into account. We accommodated the living room, bedroom and workplace in one small room. Each free piece of space was maximized. At the same time, retaining the assistance is quite spacious, and at the same time maximally functional. A special wish of the customer was the presence of space on the wall for his snowboarding, What is the hobby of the owner of the apartment.
Since the project budget was very much limited, it was decided to resort to inexpensive but stylish and practical furniture. These requirements completely corresponded to the furniture of Ikea, to which we more fully staffed this project. What turned out to be an excellent solution, both on the part of the budget and in terms of compliance with the chosen style.

In the process of work, different techniques, methods, and software were used. As usual everything started with a sketch on a piece of paper. Further, taking into account the changes and wishes in ArchiCad the final drawing was created. Further work was done on visualizing the project and creating a demonstration material. At this stage, the following were used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Adobe Photoshop.

The most important reaction to the work done was the happiness of the client, and the fact that he remained fully satisfied with the result. In the end, the project met all his wishes and the requirements of a modern young man, he was pleased.
The people who watch this project leave extremely positive feedback, commenting on it as modern, cozy, homely, harmonious and so on.
Separately, I want to note that people do not always understand that they are not looking at the photos of the implemented project, but on computer graphics. They are surprised at this. This is my little pride ?

With additional images on this project you can find the link:
Thank you for attention

Andrey Mazyrov

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