The B-Side of Chicago

The B-Side of Chicago is essentially photos taken of strangers and strange places. I really dislike most posed poise professional photography. It is sometimes lacking in expressing the nuances of humanity with the given subject. Each of my photos, I hope, somehow work to usher in a subtle truth or intimacy of those in front of the lens. True photography is creating depth with more than just light and shadows.

I naturally came up with the idea to shoot strangers. Chicago is a beautiful city filled with these very quick fragile moments of truth and I hope to solidify just a few. I loved series like Humans of New York because they cause the viewer to pause their lives for just a second and really center who they are. I hope my photography does the same.

I am a huge fan of Adobe Lightroom. I also use a bit of Photoshop, but Lightroom is my go to and here is why. With Lightroom, I can preserve the authenticity of the captured moment. I cannot guarantee that if I fiddle too much with Photoshop. So on an average day I set off to take one good photo; once I get it, I begin by tightening up the clarity, developing the color saturation, and maybe removing a few items but that is it.

The response has been positive. Some people wonder what are you doing or why do you want to photograph them and that is natural. Ironically enough, we take millions of photos every day and it is only when we become the subject that nervousness or frustration sets in. That is why taking a risk and keeping your camera with you is so important. You have to risk a “no” or even losing your equipment if you really want to develop yourself in a way that people will truly appreciate.

Take one photo a day. That is the best advice I can give. Take it, edit it, and submit it into the world until you develop your own unique style and then people will take notice.

Christopher Williams

aka Christopher Flowers (b. 1988) is a US Photographer | Theologian | Multi-Media Designer and co-owner of DeiScribe, a Chicago digital media collective.

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