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The brand new Ferrari Omologata Speciale Desig

The brand new Ferrari Omologata Speciale Desig

Berkan Yüksel
April 4, 2022
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I've been thinking about this project for a while. This project is based on Full Blood Ferrari F DNA. Hence with the nice technique was created from Grasshopper design methods provided to build it. This process was hard for me, so I had to render several times to force my computer to render the animations as proper results. This was my first experience both producing for Ferrari and trying out cinematic animation. I would also like to thank the Dejvid collaboration for encouraging me with this project.

Ferrari is one of my favorite Italian cars. I selected this brand that's why this featured on ıt has a nice body glossy surface in terms of design and vivid colors..When I was searching for a Ferrari design I decided to build this project because I had never built Ferrari before. I am a design & parametric pattern enthusiast, especially in transportation design. I usually considered this project some glossy and reflective materials on my Speciale to get a better visualization process. Also, I used Grasshopper modeling on my project at the rear lights section that I beloved and searched for before.

This was hard both for me & my pc since I had to kick in my pc at his period.

The Ferrari Omologata Speciale was built using new design methods specifically to become the next Omologata & pioneer in this industry when it comes to automotive lighting component design.

If you like it please share and check this out my works on my Youtube channel.

Berkan Yüksel

Multidisciplinary person Freelance Industrial designer/Mechanical engineer. Also, check this out on my Youtube Channel.

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