The Breakfast Game

“The Breakfast Game” is an egg package design which can be put on the dining table and encourage people to have breakfast every morning. People can spin the box and choose the door of egg that they would like to have on that morning, and cook the egg with the corresponding food that was labeled on the door of the box, such as beans, waffle and milk etc. The shapes of the doors and handles are in an egg shape in order to coherent with the egg packaging and also increate its playfulness. I want my package can raise people’s awareness on having a full breakfast everyday and emphasise the important of it, as many people nowadays ignored the importance of having a full breakfast everyday and always finish it quickly and casually.

I aware that many people nowadays ignored the importance of having a full breakfast everyday and always finish it quickly and casually, however breakfast is important to start off a good morning. “The Breakfast Game” is a package design which combines the motivation of having breakfast in the morning, and how people get interested in the food inside the candy box in Lunar New Year – I turned my observation and my playful thoughts towards food into my design, by turning a packaging into a playful dining experience that hope to change the normal impression of the people. The uniqueness of the shape and the mechanism of the egg package can help raising interest of consumers in trying it, as well as bringing a new experience in eating eggs.

I used Adobe illustrator to create the structure of the box, as well as the graphics on the package. After creating the file for the structure, I used laser cut to cut out the structure of the kraft paper, and keep trying the correct measurement and dimensions which is suitable and fit for folding into a complete box.

People like spinning the box and keep opening and closing the box when the first saw the box, and the package keep surprise them by appearing different food ingredients to accompany with the egg for breakfast choices.

I learnt a lot from this project, besides creating a new and attractive food package, I also concerned about the feasibility, cost and the transportation of the package, in order to fit with the commercial considerations. These constraints made the design process more difficult, yet more realistic and feasible for the final execution.

Emily Kwan