The Calm Before the Pandemic

These are a bunch of edited photographs taken before the Covid-19 pandemic affected my city. These photos are shot, then are digitally manipulated at various spots in the city such as the local road I take to go to school, an abandoned building by a stadium, and a grassy field at a nearby park.

While I was trying to pass time during the extended spring break vacation our school gave us, I busied myself by thinking about the future (unfortunately, my perception of a post-pandemic future is quite grim) by giving each of the photos a dystopian-eerie sense to the project. And luckily, I got some photos that is enough to grant me this project.

I used my own phone mounted on a GorillaPod and I only used Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop in my laptop. I first shoot the photos and random places and then I import them to Adobe Lightroom for some lighting manipulation. Next, I export the photos to Adobe Photoshop for color manipulation. Lastly, I manipulate the image by coloring a separate layer and manipulating the blending options, opacity and masks.

I got praised by my family and also the internet, which led me to be featured here. I learned that honing your skills as a Graphic Designer during an extended vacation really improves your skills and also keeps your busy with all the spare time that I had.

These photos taken in this project is essentially random photos that I believe will be cool if I digitally manipulated. So the lesson of the story is take lots of photos wherever your are and also find creative ways to busy yourself during the pandemic. Thank you for reading and I hope your enjoy my project!

Kyle Jacinto

I am a college student majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Computer Science. I am from Brownsville, Texas. I focus mainly on photography, graphic design, and art.