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The Christmas Villa

The Christmas Villa

Nada Elhadedy
January 3, 2017
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It's a conceptual villa for Ain El Sokna, Egypt. The concept is very simple, it's a second home for a family vacation so it's open and welcoming. I used the sloped shape to give the first floor a view to all sides. I didn't want to block its view by any means. The Christmas theme is just for presentation, the villa will be built in Mediterranean wither so I replaced the winds with a pattern to give the internal space a unique and colorful atmosphere.

I wanted to create a new concept for this villa using the staircase as the main element on this design so I took advantage of the staircase slop and used it as a distinguished form in the elevation by doing so, it allowed to have a panchromatic view for the bedroom that have a 3 side glass walls to all the sounding. Also lifting the stairs give the ground floor a visual access to both the front and the back yard, then I separate the stairs from the villa by using an semi indoor green space.

First stop was sketching a conceptual ideas in paper, then I tested the scale and ratio using auto cad. After modified the sketch into software elevation I begin the modeling using 3ds max then rendering it using vary and editing the color using Photoshop and the plugin color pro. Finally, I prepared the project in details using in-design for presentation.

I learned to think outside the box, not just by using the shapes and texture but also by using the most unequal elements to have a new concept and form. In this case the stairs was the main element for manipulations, that formed the whole design around it.

The villa is conceptual for the first design first revision. there will be further more work and modification after we carefully study the environment, budget and of course take the owner vision into consideration.

Nada Elhadedy

An Architecture Designer , experienced in provide a new vision for contemporary architecture & planning , Through optimizing the project potential whether its ( functional , aesthetic ,economic , or cultural .

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