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The Cooper Union 2017 Summer Art Intensive

The Cooper Union 2017 Summer Art Intensive

Michelle Deng
August 26, 2018
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This program guides high school students through exploring different art practices as well as prepare a portfolio for prospective colleges. At the end of the program, the students participate in a student exhibition, alongside with guest artists in residence, a public animation screening with a reception in Cooper's Great Hall, and receive a curated anthology of art and writings completed in the program. My role was to design, conceptualize, and art direct a book containing all the students' work and writings, a way finding system with posters for the exhibition, additional print and digital marketing collaterals (including t-shirts), and invitations for the event.

I wrote and scanned all the marker writings, so it feels more authentic and close to the vibe of young students. I also scanned in traditional blue folders that administrative office like to use and used it has a background, retaining the organized and slightly rigid academic aesthetic. This identity juxtaposes the wild and energetic marker writings against the orderly stationery-inspired layouts, which references the administrative side of the program. Much like the students exploring their practice within the boundaries of the program.

I hand-wrote all the words and scanned them in at a high-resolution, as well as all the office supplies I could get my hands on. After that, the design elements were isolated in photoshop and imported to indesign, where I designed the book and the printed marketing collaterals. The digital invitations and mockups were designed in Photoshop.

The students loved the casual vibe against the organized academic backdrop. They liked the energy of the marker writings, as they felt that it captured the spirit well, and enjoyed seeing their work shine in the book. The scope of the project is quite wide, from managing manufacturers down to aligning the pixels in indesign, the files definitely need to be extremely organized through rounds of revisions with changing information, and time-management is essential in a project like this. Organization will save you!

Michelle Deng

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