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The dollization of women.

The dollization of women.

Veronica Roldán
February 20, 2020

Geometry and balance are the protagonists of this work. This project aims to identify the fictional life of social networks. A world in which women are just exhibition dolls. It was a simple session but taking care of every detail, the stage was the neighborhood where I live, with natural light, just the model and me.

When entering my Instagram I only see a repetition of patterns, poses, behaviors and models of stereotypes that encourage and idealize the “perfect life” of women.
It is at this moment when I decide to create a series of photographs, which reflects "The dollization of women" seeking that my model reflects a cold gesture, almost lifeless, exalting and parodying the idea of women as an object, making her an element within of the scene, as if there was a picture of still life.
As for the composition of the images, I went for the chromatic balance and forms to achieve the feeling of perfection. The concept was reinforced in post production and edition.

The tools to create this production were minimal. Use a Canon 7d Camera, with natural daylight. I took the model for a walk around my neighborhood, before I had gone out to explore places with white backgrounds, touches of yellow and the complementary violet.
I cited the model, the makeup, I dressed her and we went out to take the shots.

This was one of my first projects in which I tell a story and has a background concept. It was very well received, I had many comments of praise and that encouraged me to continue on this path. I am in the process of looking for my place in photography and I think it is this one.

Veronica Roldán

Hi! I am a creative professional with knowledge in graphic design, photography and digital marketing. I am passionate about visual communication in all its branches. I like to create projects from start to finish, research and evolve trends and emerging concepts.
Argentina living in Mexico. If you want to know more about me, contact me: [email protected]

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