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The Dust Witch

The Dust Witch

Karinna Gylfphe
November 16, 2017
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She, The Dust Witch prefers to feel the earth between her toes, the sand tangling in her hair and the sun lustfully dancing upon her cheeks. Preferring the ease of a harmonious life, she makes her home of found twigs and woven dried grass. In the eve she plays with the fennec fox dipping in and out of the tall grasses. The strength she bares is all her own, the good wishes and simple life.

I wanted to explore the contrast of a light and dusty environment with a typical dark subject. I cross over the light and dark to make almost a neutral. I love the challenge of changing someone perception. Usually people think a witch is evil and only wants to harm. But that's not necessarily true, like the Dust Witch. What was once dark is now light, and vise versa.

I used a Canon 5D MIV and 24-70, tripod and Lightroom. First I location scout. I found this beautiful location on a hike. The next thing is I plan the outfit, I knew I wanted something dark. I choose a black velvet dress. Then I shot it on a beautiful day close to sunset. I do minor editing in Lightroom.

People have responded positively. The photographs are something unique, and exploration if you will. I always learn something new from each project. Maybe something is missing or the project needs more. In this project i wish I had changed the angles more and found a different way to shoot in the environment. Or maybe added another emotion to the story.

Thank you for looking at my work. More can be found here:

instagram: @kgylfphe

Karinna Gylfphe

Karinna Gylfphe is a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait and storytelling photography with clean lines, saturated color and enigmatic imagery.  As a wanderlust, Karinna is drawn to the exploration of new places and has the soul of an adventurist.  She attended a prestigious photography school, and worked for some important people and added to her resume. More importantly, she is also a yogi, a metal head, wearer of too much black and all around suburb human being.  Running a client-friendly, service-oriented photography business, she is creative and fun, living life to the fullest.  Based in Portland, OR, Karinna is ready to create outstanding visual memories for you.  Also, she is always ready for a cup of coffee.

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