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The Eternal is now | Wedding visual identity

The Eternal is now | Wedding visual identity

Otavio Chote
May 7, 2021

From the moment I got engaged, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. I chose to plan the visual identity for my own wedding.

It was quite a responsibility, but the process was very fun and rewarding. The result is a construction of two personalities, since my fiancee was also the client.

The project begins with the desire to represent two different personalities in an identity. A mix between boho and classic, between the spontaneous and the formal. This defined the choice of typography, varying between serif, modern and handwritten fonts depending on the application, the wedding title - "O Eterno é agora" (which in English means The Eternal is now, a reference to God being present and available to anyone) - it was a creation based on functioning as a subscription; The logo is a leaf to represent temporality and is designed following the typography style of the title; already in the choice of materials, leather for some items that we would like to last a long time and Italian paper with texture and heavy weight to give it a rustic look.

Most of the time I used a pencil and paper to make different sketches and configurations for all materials and to test their application in different sizes and their relationship with objects that would be present at the wedding. After that, I finished the artwork in Adobe Illustrator with some slight adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.

The project was well received by the clients (myself and my fiancee), but all the family members and invited people also loved the final result.

The biggest learning without a doubt is that time can be a friend or villain, it depends on how you relate to it.

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