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'The Fight for Ideas' Portfolio Pack

'The Fight for Ideas' Portfolio Pack

Simon Waloszek
November 21, 2016
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The personal branding project based on the military theme and our (designers) ability to fight for our creative work. Package includes personalised dog tags with contact details, full size wooden ammo box, personal information and clients list in the form of old military documents, wooden fill and 4 catalogues of work. The whole thing was supposed to replicate actual soldiers equipment.

The studio photography was shot by my best friend and amazing photographer -

It started with a dogtag idea, then it evolved towards the form what it is now. Since the beginning I wanted to show that if advertising is some kind of war between the art, selling, creative, client service, then I can create something that reflects it. In a funny and entertaining way of course. So I decided to put all my effort into creating something that hasn't been done before.

I used mainly my imagination software with some splinter-removal-tools after all the wooden work. The process was really heavy to carry around (literally) but gave me a lot of smiles. The trickiest part was to find all the elements that would compliment the whole idea but didn't look that were found in the trash can, then I had to clean up most of the dirt and anything that wouldn't look appealing. Just cleaning this was an adventure by itself.

Most of them said I'm crazy to even try to send it. It was almost 15kg package. Imagine the pricing ?

Through this I wanted to understand that in this world, full of pdf's and digital templates for personal portfolio there is still space for something unique, and of course - that might require some effort, but still gives you a lot of satisfaction in the end. How can I show myself better? How can I show myself as an artist? How can I show myself as a warrior for who I am and what I represent?

I think this was the point of creating the package.

Don't drink yellow snow.

Simon Waloszek

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