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The Flow by Lukas Majzlan

The Flow by Lukas Majzlan

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October 28, 2015
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The Flow project is about empowering women through positive reinterpretation of the female hormonal cycle. While a man is relatively simple, a woman has four different stages. Depending on where in her cycle she is, a woman is a lover, mother, or wise women, you only need to know which one when. With this simple yet powerful insight women and men can suddenly understand a lot more about what our natural hormonal doping means for woman's physique, sex, shopping, relaxation, happiness or even work and leadership styles.

The client, Lucia Lukanova wished to bring this knowledge to women and men around the world in the most inspiring, beautiful and simple way possible. Going through multiple iterations of the best approach and design herself she approached me with request for help. Lucia wanted to create and app to not only track women's periods and fertility (as many other apps do!) but go way beyond that teaching women and man about hidden female powers described by ancient wisdom and modern science of endocrinology alike.
-Lukas Majzlan

Lukas Majzlan

The design of the app is based on its name - The flow. In this case represented with rainbow colors in clean and elegan way. Using of the app should be as simple as it is and that’s why for example on the landing screen you can see only one big button. As for the inspiration, Lucia asked to use the Japanese Enso and rainbow colors as a symbol of four aspects of the same thing continuously changing over time. The request was to create a gentle, clean, simple and fresh design appealing to women as well as men alike. Lucia saw a risk that using rainbow would look kitschy but also did not want to refrain from it. She asked us to create The Flow style, app and web design as well as personifications of four unique aspects of a woman.
-Lukas Majzlan

About Lukas Majzlan

Lukas Majzlan, is the founder and designer of Art4web agency. He was 29 years old when he started this company in 2007 as a freelance web designer. Nowadays the small creative digital agency has six people working for them. They specialize mainly ín Web Design, User interface Design, Branding and Web Development. See more of his work on Behance.

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