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The Future of Browsers by Sergey Leskov

The Future of Browsers by Sergey Leskov

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August 27, 2015

What will be the future of web surfing? Browsers have existed successfully for 25 years already. 
 With the recent release of Microsoft Edge, UI/UX Designer, Sergey Leskov thought about how our browsers would evolve in just a few years. New interface, faster speed, improved user experience design and a whole lot more.

When I made this project I looked at the new Microsoft browser - Microsoft Edge and I tried to understand why they made so little improvements while there are a lot of tweaks that can improve it and for the browsers to become something more and basically reach its full potential. So, in comparison for other redesigns and rethinks, I tried to look further and look past suggesting just new eye-candy buttons and nice looking pictures but to reveal a real future of this industry.
-Sergey Leskov

Sergey Leskov

A piece of advice I could give is to: "Ask a lot of questions and never stop learning". By asking a lot of questions, you learn and know about things,remember that it is okay to ask and be curious. Always keep your passion burning as it would be the thing that would motivate and push you in creating new things.
-Sergey Leskov

About Sergey Leskov

Sergey Leskov was born in Moscow, Russia. He started as a technical designer, then worked as an art director and creative in digital ad agencies. Currently, he is a creative group head in Leto agency and a UX designer. His first job was a technical designer in a small studio but from the very beginning he has been always interested in interfaces and human-computer interaction. See more of his work on Behance.

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  1. I can definitely see this being true, and if it is, I have no issue with that. It's really cool and I love the format. Maybe it wont look just like this, but definitely something similar. The future is bright for technology and we can only go up!

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