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The Glass N' Testing House

The Glass N' Testing House

Diego Franco
April 30, 2021
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The Glass N' Testing House are Concept Designs of what I believe a house should be: Clean strokes designed, simple, unique and functional.

Keeping in mind that sense of freedom, amplitude and comfort when designing a house.

I started with a few sketches on traditional paper to give myself an idea of what I wanted to create. Even though I'm not the best sketcher, sketching on paper helps out a lot to me. Once I have the general idea, Hop on Sketchup to start modeling until I get what I'm looking for. Then Vray comes to play to create the rendering and finally, I take that preliminary render onto Photoshop to make final retouches.

I haven't shown the project to that many people yet, although the ones who know about it say it looks good and realistic.

Diego Franco

I'm a Mexican Architect who's trying to get back to my professional origins by designing Indoor - Outdoor Architectural spaces through CGI renders. I love clean, minimalistic strokes when designing whether is an Indoor or Outdoor architectural proposals.

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