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The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection

Laura Lafrance
September 12, 2019
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The 'Heritage Collection' was a commemoration of my Haitian roots. There is a mixture of french and african influences from back in 15th century. From the elongated silhouettes, bishop sleeves and gorgeous organza, to the bright colors and vivid patterns, this collection showcase my perception of what I understood of my history in the isles of Haiti during the colonization era.

I created pieces that reflected Haitian historical figures, the era of the french colonization and the revolution. Of course my aesthetics can be seen throughout the collection, with a touch of femininity and elegance. I chose to go with that theme because a month prior I celebrated Haitian flag day with my friends and family and the ideas came to me.

I created all my concepts by gathering photographs that reflected my inspirations in Adobe Photoshop, and sketched my ideas using the Wacom Intuos Pro in Adobe Illustrator. Later, it was time to go fabric hunting and once i secured the right materials, I sew all the pieces using industrial sewing machine that I have at home (single needle, serger, etc...)

I presented the project with 'Raw Miami Artists' in July 2019. I had a good response from the crowd, models and viewers online. Of course my family and friends are always there to support me.

Every project is an experience. My skills are always changing and growing with the tools that I use. If anything, I learn not to take too long of a hiatus. I need to keep going and intermittently take a break when needed. I have to stay on top of everything, news, trends etc. No one like to be left behind. Specially in the fashion industry.

I also am the owner and art director of House of Lafrance Magazine. A magazine I started back in college, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The concept is pretty simple; It is the magazine for the emerging market by the emerging. I saw the need to help shed a light on artists and creatives like me and the magazine was my way of filling that gap.

What else... well I am now officially an educator in South Florida and that is quite fulfilling.

Laura Lafrance

Hello there,
My name is Laura Lafrance. I'd like to think of myself as a problem solver using my skills, knowledge and design mediums to make a difference in this world.
I have a background in nursing, which has enlarged my communication skills and keeps me grounded. I speak 4 languages: French and creole, English and Spanish. I graduated the Art Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Apparel Design, and completed 18 credits at Miami International University of Arts and Designs in the Masters' in Design Management. I am currently an Educator of fashion design in South Florida.

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