The Legend of Avatar

It’s a collection of 4 cute illustrations about the masters that domain the air, fire, water, and earth, inspired of the serie “Avatar: the legend of Aang and Korra”, an animated series produced by Nickelodeon. The story takes place in a world dominated by martial arts and manipulation of elements in combination with oriental mysticism.

This project was born in the living room of my house, while I was watching the series “The Legend of Aang”. I had a moleskine, a pencil and lots of wish to drawing. My mind kept imagining different versions of the masters who dominate the elements. This was how the idea was born and it gradually mutated into a series of 4 feminine and adorable masters. I did not want them to be as they were in the series, so I made my personal representation. I love doing each illustration with a joyful and magical touch, brimming with positive energy.
The colors of each master are associated with the element that each has the power. This helps to identify them more easily. I love making each illustration with a joyful and magical touch. Between my works, it emphasizes the Kawaii style, a tendency that is born of the Japanese culture. And luckily, right now it’s very present. Also, I really like doing horror vacui illustrations. That initial process of inked sketch fascinates me.

As in every project, I begin to make numerous sketches. Of which I’m approving or discarding ideas. At first, I thought in to make the illustrations like the original stereotypes of the series.
Although I later thought, it would be more original to give it a different twist. I studied the characteristics of each master.
On one side is the fire master, with her typical black mane and sinister aspect. Then there is the air master, who instead of making her like the monks, I decided to make her albino, with a mystic ambient. like the master of the earth, instead of making it like the original masters, I have focused on an ambient more ethnic and related with nature. The only one, which more closely resembles the original series, is the water master. Her hair refers to Katara, water master of the Southern tribe.

After the research phase and sketches, I started to vectorize with adobe illustrator to study colors and shapes. Finally, I textured Adobe Photoshop and added some effects to create a sense of depth.

The people responded very well to the project, so far it is moving very well. Each time you do more and more projects, you learn a lot from your mistakes. In this profession, you are always learning new concepts and techniques.

This collection is for sale as Limited Edition on Curioos. An important online store based in New York and France.

Sara Gummy

Illustrator and graphic designer based in Spain. Besides all this, I am a lover of video games, movies and TV series.