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The Lost Geisha by Jvdas Berra

The Lost Geisha by Jvdas Berra

Honey Adraque
August 30, 2015
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The Lost Geisha is a project that was born because of Jvdas Berra's love for Japan. In this story, he wanted to merge the Mexican folklore in a dream location called "Jardines de Mexico," the world's largest themed garden. Let us take a look at his project and may this inspire you to your future projects. Enjoy!

Each of the garments used in this shooting are created by hand by various Mexican designers which meet endless craftsmanship sewing , clothing and unique colorisation.

- Jvdas Berra




The textures, colours and sensations of both cultures came together to create a magical world full of nostalgia in which the protagonist travels to find herself in this story produced for HUF fashion magazine Magazine.

- Jvdas Berra




About Jvdas Berra

Jvdas Berra is a passionate photographer from Mexico, he studied film production. At the age of 18 he published his first science fiction book followed by two sequels. Currently has chosen to engage in fashion and advertising photography. He has worked for multiple designers, agencies, advertising campaigns and national and international journals, obtaining a rapid professional growth, which has earned him recognition as one of most promising young talents in Fashion and Fine Art Photography after only four years of career. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

One comment on “The Lost Geisha by Jvdas Berra”

  1. WOW! Such high saturated colors and it makes the photography look that much better. Good job and what a perfect model for the shoot!

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