The Maui Bowl

The Maui Bowl will be bringing Hawaiian style breakfast to students around the campus, focusing on healthy to go style by having the food truck parked there. Creating a unique outdoor dining for them and a different breakfast style and promoting health at the same time.

I was influenced by the acai bowls breakfast food trend in Hawaii, LA and Australia. It had given me a very healthy impression and thought it would be a great chance to deliver this idea to students university campus in order to promote health and eating breakfast. The colours relates to Hawaiian style and the bright colours and food truck would attract them early in the morning.

To begin with, I wanted it to be quite a minimal healthy brand, very simple. However I felt it lacked personality, and after understanding what theme I would want my brand to go with, I gathered information on how to make the acai bowls and adapt it to my style. Started to make the acai smoothies with the berries and then adding different fruits to make it appealing and creating a 3 different types. I also felt having 3 was not enough and the meaning of acai bowls is not only creating something healthy, it is also creating it with creativity. After researching, I decided it would be a great idea to have the customers create their own Maui Bowl. The food truck plays an important role in this brand, it will be parked by university campuses and provide breakfast bowls for them while they wait. The students will experience the eating on the go, or they can take a seat by the benches they have outside for the unique outdoor eating experience. I have designed the truck under the influence of VW camper vans as it is the best van to relate to western coasts, surfing, Hawaiian themed. The menu design is also matching the colous of the brand, showing a few visuals of what the bowls look like and will be placed on the truck. As for promotion, I thought about how we could reach to students fast and more environmental-friendly way? Many companies now use social media for promotion and possibly almost all students in the university campus have a smartphone or a laptop that they could access to facebook, twitter, instagram etc. And so I thought it would be great to get the students to upload images and tag the brand.

Some praised about the colours matching the theme well, some praised the target audience was great. Haven’t had any other responses to this project, but I am always opened to questions and opinions! Please feel free to leave me some comments or even contact me through email on drop me a message on my behance.

Katie Tsang