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Kyrillos nashaat
October 17, 2018
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The site of the project is in on the northern edge of one of the most prominent suburbs of Cairo and at the same time sits at one of several entrances of the less luxurious and neglected neighborhood known at New Norha (2). A location wedged between contrasting social, CULTURAL architectural, arc urban situations

Accordingly -The Nozha Gate" project has been chosen for the plot as to address its unique situation and deal with the past, current and anticipated circumstances and dynamic physical realities of the area "The Nozha Gate" project is to provide Recreational and Cultural facilities to the residents of the vicinity and Us visitors while acting as its main gate.
The different edges of the site pose many diverse challenges and complex problems that need to be analyzed as to allow for a sustainable architectural solution that addresses the existing built environment, and allow for a better way of living for the whole neighborhood. While bridging it’s different sides.
The building hence allows for specific sets of functions through highly adaptable and efficiently interconnected spaces that cater for all the different needs of the residents, craftsmen. & visitors of the neighborhood that seek a unique venue for recreation and cultural interaction.

first I use AutoCAD software to start drawing the site and its boundaries, then acontextual model physical and digital on SketchUp software was made (in group work) to help understanding the context better, then I begin to draw my plans on AutoCAD and presented by photoshop software, then begin modeling my project on SketchUp and Rhino then visualization by photoshop for the whole panels and shots

I have learned a lot about contextual design, talking to people, knowing their needs, and purpose solutions that match their lifestyle, architectural and environmental solutions, also to put objectives for the project and execute it in the different aspects or fields of the project.

kyrillos nashaat

A believer in the power of research-based architecture combined with design thinking that tells a narrative & keeps the identity for improving the world and has positive effect on our societies, whose through hard working and precise approach in solving design problems, has yielded excellent results, a highly ambitious designer hopes to help better shape the built environment through the creation of beautiful and functional architecture, able to work in a busy environment and produce high standards of work, also I am excellent in team working, reliable and ready to adapt to any given responsibility. My guide is nature, my goal is to serve the society not to rule it, also to do my best to respond to contemporary needs and future issues, to these ends, I will continue to work, learn and immerse myself in the field in ordered to create the best of my ability.


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