The Office That Opens onto the Terrace

The workroom is made in the classical style. The general background of the color scheme is dark. More likely even smoky gray-chocolate. But thanks to the large windows around the perimeter of the room – the background does not oppress. The upholstery of the furniture is light to highlight the objects. The floor is also light. The pattern interprets the honeycomb.
The terrace is different in style and color, but it was the wishes of the customer. Wicker furniture, a terrace board, plants in pots – all this creates a cozy place. And the decorative lights around the soft zone only complement.

After listening to all the wishes of the customer, I tried to recreate them as accurately as possible. Because of my love for the old American vintage interiors, I “aged” the bookcases in the workroom and used furniture and some of the interior items of Gramercy Home.

First, I sketched the idea of ​​the project on a sheet of paper, when with an approximate view it was definitely – modeled in the program 3d max and Adobe Photoshop. Completely all the modeling was in this program. The rendering system V-Ray.

Many people liked the project because of its cozy and warm atmosphere. Some said, “I would live here.” Even in spite of the darker range of the workroom, he was received positively. Some said the workroom resembles an interior of old detective American films.

Zhenya Grishchenko

Hello, I’m Zhenya from Kiev. I am an interior designer and 3d artist. I carry out tasks of any complexity. Worked with classics and minimalism. For every taste. But I myself prefer a vintage loft and Scandinavian styles. They have a lot of coziness, small things that add life and history to the interior.