The Penthouse

The Penthouse is a multi open space area contains reception, dining and kitchen area with a unique design combines between the modern luxurious life and the rigidity of natural feeling through materials and colors. the spacial experience of the space make a users feel warm and comfortable as if they bring the nature to their home.

The penthouse is an idea of combination between the continuous modernity of our contemporary life and the rustic feeling of the forests, this combination Embodiment in the usage of the rustic wooden wall cladding with striped groves to emphasis the natural feeling of wooden forests, the wooden dark floors referring to the feeling of a solid dark ground with dark rigid concrete wall finishing and the shiny brass objects with ceiling design and planters inlaid with brass and the fine sheen black marble, producing a sense between fineness and rigidity.

sketch design idea of the modern features as simple masses then selection of the natural feeling needed to be applied, extracting the features such as wood and color scheme then applying it on the masses of the project,developing the idea using 3D studio MAX to apply the sketchy thoughts into 3D seen objects and applying materials with editing some features and creating the lighting environment to reach to the required mood, using Vray render engine to reach the optimum reality and adobe Photoshop for post-production.

its obvious that it would be possible to combine between two non related moods, through material selection and design features. if you want to create a certain mood you have to relate it to its original natural features such as the color scheme, texture, smell and feeling, the more you relate the more you get to what you want.

Ezzat Rakha

Ezzat Rakha, I have bachelor degree of Architecture 2017. I developed a passion for design at an early age and pursued this passion though my studies and work. I keen sense of style and exceptional design work is what brought me to the idea. I specializes in commercial and residential application. I believes that, above all, a space should be fresh and inviting.