The Quest for the Absolute by Benoit Lapray

Our feature for today is inspired by famous Superhero characters. We all know what happens to our superheroes in movies; they live a double-life, they hide their identities from their loved ones, some even just chose not to get entangled with romance. This art work is about those dilemmas our heroes went through. A personal work about loneliness, introspection, beauty, nature and force. Read on and enjoy!

“Superheroes are by definition “extraordinary,” and extraordinary often goes hand in hand with solitary. This is an unexpected side to their personality, even though it is a characteristic common to all these imaginary vigilantes. Solitude is evident when looking at this photographic work for the first time.

– Benoit Lapray




I therefore chose to develop these infamous characters from American comics, now recognized worldwide for their fight against evil, striving for freedom and justice, alone, and in the middle of the countryside. However this first impression is misleading and it soon becomes clear that in reality they are not alone in the quest that I have chosen for them to engage in.

– Benoit Lapray



Indeed they share this adventure with another much more powerful and much more imposing character than themselves: nature. Nature is virtually personified here and truly plays the main role in each of these scenarios. Thus, immersed in these imposing settings, in the middle of these large spaces, faced with the force of the elements, the comic heroes seem quite insignificant. Yet nature is with them. This ally accompanies and supports them.

– Benoit Lapray





Together they will attempt to produce even greater than what has been accomplished to date. Whatever happens they now walk side by side, determined to make this one-way trip together, this existential quest leading to the absolute.

– Benoit Lapray





Benoit Lapray was born in Burgundy in 1980, he traveled from a very young age, accompanying his father who was a humanitarian doctor. These trips led to a real infatuation for landscape aesthetics, the detailed mountain and nature. After studying art, journalism and photography in Lyon (France) he then moved to Haute-Savoie in 2006 where he worked as a photographer, as well as retouching photos in an advertising photography studio near Annecy. Haute-Savoie was a formidable “playing field for photography” and at this time he started to produce personal work (including the series “The Quest for the Absolute”), inspired by the sublime mountain décor surrounding him everyday. After 5 years spent in Haute-Savoie, he decided to seek out a more urban environment and returned to live in Lyon where he found a similar job in a young advertising studio. At the start of 2014, he set off to try his luck in Paris. He currently works freelance in the domain of commercial photography, he works as a photographer and retouching photos and continues with his personal series in his capacity as artist/photographic author.

See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.