The Right People

I started this project for “The Right People” – A company consisting of a united team of well-connected professionals which offers a wide range of services; but focuses mainly on business consulting and business development. The concept that I came up with comes from a source I found pretty interesting: Nature. To be more specific, bees. The way bees and humans work is pretty similar, and there exists a strong bond between the members of a group, hence I acknowledged that teamwork is a main characteristic that describes this company.

The process that led to the creation of this logo is neither based on rocket science, nor extremely simple – I followed a default process, as for every client, and paid attention to some small but important steps, such as mind mapping – which is, by the way, extremely more effective than staring at the monitor and waiting for that big idea (I did that mistake in the past and lost a lot of time using that method) or the use of moodboards.

For the actual creation of the logo as well as the sketching process and presentation I used Adobe Photoshop. Once I’ve set a clear route to follow and experimented with different icons, I jumped to the vectorization of the logo. That’s one of the last steps of the entire process; I think that going right to Photoshop and already trying to create the logo without a solid path to follow isn’t that much effective, and consumes a lot of energy and time.

The outcomes of this project were very positive. The client was delighted to see the final product and showed a lot of cooperation throughout the entire process, by giving constant useful feedback.

Every project that I get from a client represents a new experience and helps me grow both as a person and as a professional. There are unsuccesful projects too, of course, but they are extremely important. As you all know, humans learn from mistakes, and there’s no other source of learning that’s better than dealing with failure: “Your most unhappy costumers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates.

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Ionita Bogdan Stefan

Graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania 🔹 Advertising student 🔹 I like dogs.