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The Science of Uniqueness People by Sergey Ilin

The Science of Uniqueness People by Sergey Ilin

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October 17, 2015
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Human Design is the science of human uniqueness people. Meaning that each person is unique, but not everyone is living their lives. This science helps a person learn more about yourself, and experienced teachers will help you understand who you really are and what direction you need to move. The Human Design System by web designer Sergey Ilin enables people to create a chart that shows our day to day life.

In Russia, Human Design is practically unknown. Few people have heard about it. The main purpose of the site to convey to the human essence, what it is and help him calculate his rave card. For a better perception of the information on the main screen, it was logical to make a key phrase about Human design, and allow the user to choose "to learn about science more," or learn "where to start" if he had heard about it. Double exposure on the background of nature and man here would be appropriate, as the mood, harmony with nature and yourself, but if a person is in harmony then he lives his life.
-Sergey Ilin

Sergey Ilin

I am inspired by a lot online resources and people. Basically, I'm looking for inspiration on behance and pinterest, there are a lot of talented people who inspire me.
My suggestion to people who wants to be inspired is to create a collection of works, pictures that you like, follow the work of successful designers artists, analyze their works, go into details, read articles, books, and enjoy your life. By doing this, you'll have a picture of what you want and visualize it.
-Sergey Ilin

About Sergey Ilin

Sergey Ilin is a 26-year-old UI/UX and Web designer from Obninsk, Russia. He's currently working as freelancer. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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