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The Seine River of Paris by Adriana Garcia Cruz

The Seine River of Paris by Adriana Garcia Cruz

Honey Adraque
May 13, 2015

There are lots of beautiful places in Paris and one of them is the Seine River. This river has inspired thousands of people's stories and lives. Not all people can afford to go to Paris and witness what this river really looks like in actual but with the help of some photographs which were captured by our featured artist for today, Adriana Garcia Cruz, we also feel like we have been there. Let us take a look at these photographs and be amazed on how wonderful the river is. Enjoy!

The Seine river is a strong presence for the city of Paris. It has inspired thousands of stories and lives. It is a reference along which this wonderful city was created. Bridges on the river are all different and special. I wanted to capture details and textures on them and some other places of the city that could bring us a past time to the present. - Adriana Garcia Cruz

Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris6 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris5 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris4 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris3 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris2 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris1 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris8 Adriana_GarciaCruz_Paris7

About Adriana Garcia Cruz

Adriana GarciaCruz is a Canadian photographer. Originally from Colombia, she studied Graphic Design in the National University of Colombia and completed her studies in photography at Ryerson University, in Toronto. She has developed a personal conceptual style that combines studio photography with digital imaging. Her work has been published and exhibited in several magazines and public spaces in Montreal, Canada. You can find more or her works on her Behance profile and website.

3 comments on “The Seine River of Paris by Adriana Garcia Cruz”

  1. Wow snaps. Though, yet to see Paris, but heard a lot about the Seine River from various accounts throughout my life. The desire to visit Paris and seeing from my own eyes, all those historical as well as modern places of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is on the top of my dreams' priority list. I really appreciate all these beautiful photographs taken by Adriana Garcia Cruz. It does give some respite to the mind, but at the same time makes a person more inclined to visit the place as early as possible and see all these places in person. It's all because of the magic of the place and the lovely photography.

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