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The Sketch of A Life by Sebastien Del Grosso

The Sketch of A Life by Sebastien Del Grosso

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August 3, 2015
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Drawing has always been his passion, but when Sebastien discovered photography, he thought that the combination of these two passions would allow him to give free rein to his imagination. In his series "The Sketch of a Life", he wanted to illustrate his life - like his sketches gave birth to each of his actions or by the intervention of someone he's close (for example in "sketch your mentor" with the intervention of his grandmother who taught him to draw), or events that have been important to him (like the birth his daughter "Cataleya"), but also with something a little more humorous.



There are so many inspiring artists that I look up to. The first that comes to mind, is Joel Tjintjelaar who inspired me the most to pursue architectural photography. His black and white renderings are very clean and the minimalism that emerges from each of his images is very impressive. Marc Adamus is a master of light and color, his landscapes are totally amazing.
-Sebastien Del Grosso



I would like to explore his vision in my future landscape work. Magdalena Wasiczek and Fabien Bravin are my favorite macro photographers and Marsel van Oosten is a sublime nature photographer. Michal Karcz and Erik Johansson are magicians, their compositions are very impressive and hyper-realistic.
-Sebastien Del Grosso



THE POST-PROCESSING. This picture has been shot inside my apartment, with a simple light bulb. The result was obviously nothing close to what I expected. I’ve been then using Photoshop CS5 to achieve the post production. I always work with layers, to ensure every adjustment is done on separate parts. Therefore, I don’t touch any pixel of the original material and helps me to see the evolution of my work while masking the foreground and remove any layer whenever needed. To obtain this result, I’ve mainly used tools like selective corrections, color blending and the classic luminosity/contrast.
-Sebastien Del Grosso


Sebastien Del Grosso

I spend a lot of time in website like flickr, behance,1X, 500px or Facebook, and follow lots of photographer and designer. I see lots of wonderful works, and save some of them in my head. When I go to bed, I think about all images I have seen the days before, and it’s generally where I formulate my own ideas.
-Sebastien Del Grosso

See the tutorial here.

About Sebastien Del Grosso

Sébastien Del Grosso, lives in France, Paris. He has always been interested in art, first by drawing and painting. This interest reflects in his professional life since he work in the graphic design world as a freelance. He always been drawn by artistic creation, and was naturally interested in photography. When he was young, his grandmother taught him to draw. By watching her drawing and painting, he wanted to do the same. And this is definitely what influenced him to continue in that direction. See more of his work at Behance or his Facebook Page.

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