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The Stories of Cvirinko

The Stories of Cvirinko

Tetiana Kopytova
March 4, 2019

This is a series of stories about a small but very brave chicken by name Cvirinko that lives in a duck family. He courageously explores the world and even goes on a balloon trip! The text raises important questions of finding oneself, social issues and questions of morality.

This is a joint work with the author of the text, Ukrainian writer Yulia Ilyukha. PET publishing house, Ukraine, 2018. Author: Yulia Ilyukha. 48 pages.
The main task was to show cheerful and positive characters in a simple and kind style.

I used a combination of watercolor textures and digital painting in this project.
At first we stated the main characters: this is a family of ducks and Cvirinko himself. Then was sketching of each page.
I manually poured sheets of liquid watercolor and scanned them. Then I painted in Photoshop using digital painting on top of watercolor textures.
I chose light and warm colors for this book.

This book was presented at a book festival in Lviv. It received good reviews from readers and critics. But the most important critic was my little son, who liked the book very much.
We plan to continue the series of stories about Cvirinko!

Tetiana Kopytova

Hello! My name is Tetiana. I have two passions: children’s illustration and painting horses.

I am a professional artist and book illustrator. I have master's degree in arts. My main specializations are 2D graphic and illustration. I have 6+ years’ experience as a game artist and 10+ years’ experience as a children's books illustrator. More than 15 books illustrated by me were published. I do both digital (Adobe Photoshop) and watercolor illustrations.

My second passion is painting horses. I specialize on oil paintings on canvas and graphic drawings. My art pieces were showed in several exhibitions; my horse paintings are in private collections all over the world. Horses are my inspiration and a big part of my life.

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