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The Swamp Cabin by Jules Gaillard

The Swamp Cabin by Jules Gaillard

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December 13, 2015

A wooden extansion of an old barn of stone. The Swamp Cabin by Jules Gaillard architect and 3D artist is a retreat far away from modern world in a simple cabin, surrounded by a swamp and wild nature... The Swamp Cabin will make yo want to relax and connect with nature.



I did this project on my free time to test techniques and plugins and also to prepare my portfolio for next year starting. It's important to try to keep personal projects in addition with daily work to be up to date and express what you personally want.
-Jules Gaillard





I see a lot of "House in the Forest", "House in the Mountains", "Cabin in the wood" 3D projects, so I found funny to make an unusual environment. It was also a good surrounding to test specific composite 3D materials, working of reflection & wet effects, 3D vegetation, scattering technics...
-Jules Gaillard






My inspiration started with a curiosity about Scandinavian architecture (grown roof, burned wood facade, simple shapes...), wild and foggy spaces, chaos into nature... places where human aren't especially comfortable with. I'm very appreciative about people who care about nature and try to live with it, into it, and North men understood it a will ago. Also, in my actual job we work a lot with rehabilitation of old building into more modern and ecological ones, so this barn could have been a shelter for fisherman, or a craftsmen factory making something that modern time erased and that somebody took care of, giving it another life.
-Jules Gaillard

DET 01

DET 02

I don't know if I have a specific style but I like living architecture and rendering. I like dirt, dust, fog, drips on facades, scratched edges, non-flat ground and details of everyday life as switchers, extinguishers, some disorder... 3D makes things perfect, sharp and clean and I try to avoid it. I’m inspired by post-apocalyptic universes, science fiction, fantasy illustration but also medieval & modern architecture, photography, raw materials, land-art, nature… everything that have a style, a past!
-Jules Gaillard




As a young graphic designer I can just advise to have a look on creative things all around you as website, books and real life. It’s important to have a personal work production to express yourself, but also to go out to see the world and to take real experiences and visual reference all around you, listening to people speaking about their place... The screen is one goal, but all the way to go is more important and offer much more perspectives!
-Jules Gaillard



About Jules Gaillard

Jules Gaillard is a French architect eho specialized in 3D visualization for 5 years now. He's currently based in Lyon, France, and actually work in an architecture agency as an illustrator. Julesis planning to develop his own studio next year in Paris to produce 3D pictures and evolve to other practice & productions. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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